A Simple Way to Save Lives

If we here at Crystal Chrysler Dodge Jeep of Homosassa could tell you a simple and easy way to save lives, how awesome would that be? Heroes save lives. You can save lives. Not by running into a burning building or stopping bullets, but by simply slowing down and moving one lane over when approaching emergency and law enforcement vehicles pulled over on the shoulder.

Every year there are an inordinate amount of fatal accidents caused by law enforcement and emergency responders being struck by vehicles while responding to an emergency.

This has led to states implementing a "Move Over" law to protect these individuals. It makes sense. By slowing down and moving over (if possible) would immensely decrease the chance of striking a human being.

When approaching flashing lights on the shoulder be a hero. Slow down and moving over a lane. By moving to the left or right lane to give space for an unexpected person who may walk out you give them an allotted space to move freely.

Homosassa is full of heroes like you. Be a hero. Save a life.

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