Ram 1500: A Pickup Truck That Has the Highest Quality in Safety and Technology

When looking for a new pickup truck, don't you want something that has top of the line technology that makes your driving experience pleasurable? Here at Crystal Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we recommend you take a test drive in the brand-new Ram 1500, a pickup truck that uses technology and safety hand in hand to give you an unbelievable driving experience.

Safety at its Finest

In the modern-day, vehicle safety is more than just the airbag system. The Ram 1500 has safety features like blind-spot monitoring that help give you a second set of eyes when changing lanes; this is especially helpful when you have a trailer connected or also when changing lanes behind a truck that is pulling a low-riding trailer that you might not have seen. Lane departure warning assists you by helping you keep your vehicle in the right lane by not letting it leave the current path, and safely guiding it back if it senses that you are drifting into another lane or vehicle.

Cruise Easier

If you have never experienced the luxury of adaptive cruise control, it's never too late to go on a test drive in the Ram 1500 in Homosassa. With adaptive cruise control, you no longer need to worry about turning cruise on and off when the car in front of you slows down because the vehicle will slow down for you. With forward collision warning and advanced brake assist, you can say goodbye to finding yourself rear-ending the car in front of you, as the Ram 1500 is smart enough to stop the vehicle before you hit the one that's ahead in Ocala.

Technology Built to Last

There are plenty of good reasons to drive an up-to-date pickup truck. One reason, for example, is the brilliance of the 360-degree surround-view camera that uses multiple cameras and sensors to give you a complete view of everything that is around you on the touchscreen system inside the vehicle. Have you used ParkSense technology from Ram? This program takes the chore out of squeezing into a tight parking spot by virtually doing it for you, avoiding all obstacles and safely putting you in the right place, no more bashing into small cars or motorcycles that are hard to see from the driver's seat.

High-Strength Steel Construction and Oversize Brakes

Not only do the technology features of the Ram 1500 keep you safe, but the 98% steel frame is there to protect you in the event of an accident, with curtain airbags all around to make sure you and all passengers are kept safe. The 14.9-inch brakes that come standard on the Ram 1500 are the biggest in their class. When you drive a Ram 1500, you are going to have the confidence that you are behind the wheel of the most technologically and mechanically sound pickup truck with no shortage in engine power and performance around Homosassa Springs.

Experience the Ram 1500 in a Test Drive

If you are serious about driving an up-to-date pickup truck, then you should take one for a test drive at our dealership in the Pine Ridge area. Browse inventory online and give us a call before you come in so that we can have the perfect Ram 1500 waiting for you out front. And if you're not quite sure which Ram 1500 is right for you, we'll be happy to give you some options to choose from. Come and discover a pickup truck that has over 100 available safety features.

We look forward to meeting you.

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